About Us

I am Boniface and I welcome you to Leaders Shape Up which is a site I founded for leaders already shaping up the world, and those aspiring to first be shaped up for them to shape up others!

I have been in various corporate employment positions for 7 years (in a tier 1 bank in its jurisdiction).

Recently, I stepped up my career choice and decided to go into fulltime leadership training and mentorship

During these unprecedented times in the world when pandemics are hitting economies very hard, leadership is needed more than ever before.

The right leadership. Visionary leadership.

Though we believe in conventional leadership styles, we know they are limited when it comes to unknown situations in which nobody had experienced before.

It is this gap that has led me to stir aspiring leaders to understand that hidden within them is undiscovered power and value that could influence coming generations.

This realization is what led to the following Purpose, Vision, and Mission statements.


Our purpose is to shape up leaders into a higher understanding of themselves as highly potential people who hold the direction for future generations to follow.


Our Vision to shape you up into an awakened and enhanced potential leader that will develop and benefit generations.


Our Mission is to raise independent thinkers that innovatively approach leadership challenges by shining a light into unchartered territories to bring out the best in every follower.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by the capacity to cause others to passionately reach out for more, being motivated by a solid vision, and to birth strong convictions, driven by purposeful living.

To desire greatness as a leader is to self-discover your own potential and to strive to improve daily. Your purpose in life inspires us to create you away.

Leadership seminars and conferences often are limited in placing practical tools in the hands of attendees.

It is high time that we showed practical steps to aspiring leaders to get empowered in all facets, to raise an influential generation of the future.

Instead of just giving concepts from my experience training corporate employees, I seek to practically place tools in your hands to help you in the way.

Often, crucial leadership information is given by conventional training resources in hard to understand jargon. On this website, you’ll find simplified concepts, frequently asked questions, super crucial quizzes, and much more.

Crucial core values

Besides virtues like honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness, we primarily advocate for selflessness and hard work. These virtues have taught us that once we are selfless and apply synergy everyone wins.

We found out that there’s abundance for all in any marketplace, business, discipline or field- and in life in general.

Once we share tools and a common desire to effectively excel in our leadership experiences, we encourage everyone to work hard on defined formulae that lead to stability all round.

By innovative leadership strategies like situational leadership stir us into bringing transformation to our own experience, and we desire to help others, too.

Feel free to explore our tools and to experiment with them.

Welcome aboard!