Best virtual office services in 2021

89-Best virtual office services in 2021

Virtual office services enable workers and entrepreneurs to work remotely. The services provide a huge range of internet-accessible business functions. Virtual office services enable businesses to create their presence in desirable locations with no need to rent physical spaces.

Virtual offices empower organizations to have physical office benefits without actual desks and spaces to rent. Ralph Gregory in 1994 pioneered the idea. He’s The Virtual Office, Inc’s founder.

The 3 best virtual office services in 2021

1.            Davinci virtual office solutions

Davinci virtual office solutions

Davinci Virtual is available globally with over 1,500 locations spanning 50 countries. It is a real catalyst for organizational expansion and a solid footprint. All Davinci virtual locations offer conference rooms, presentation tools, live answering services, enhancing uniformity in doing business regardless of your location.

Beyond getting a professional physical business address, the package adds:

–              High-speed internet connectivity

–              Catering

–              Day offices

–              Mail receipt and forwarding

–              Live web chat

–              Registered agent

–              Live and auto receptionists

–              Lobby directory listing

–              License hanging

Davinci Virtual office services offer exquisite spaces for interview conduction, training, business conferences, and client meeting. Their low prices start at $50/m- based on location.

For instance, the Bronx (New York) goes for $69/m, Tokyo (Japan) is $198/m.

According to TrustPilot, Davinci virtual office services have a 4.2/5 star rating- which is quite commendable, based on over 1,000 reviews.

2.       Sococo Virtual office solution

83 - Sococo Remote virtual services- quiz for leaders

Sococo is the top solution for remote work. It removes loneliness from remote workers by presenting an online workplace that mimics a real office with colleagues.

As an online office, you work side by side with your remote based workmates. Group meetings display as conference meetings proceed, and you can see screen sharings on your display. You can easily integrate Webex, Zoom, or Hangouts when you need to use chat and online video features.

Sococo features also 300 minutes of video and voice calls per month. It removes all barriers to the physical remote-based distancing of employees.

Since you can source out talent globally, Sococo brings your team together. It creates fosters creativity, promotes diversity, and reduction of worker turnover.

83- Sococo Remote virtual services- pricing plans- leadership quizzes

Some features come with Sococo’s virtual office:

–              Floor plans and décor

–              In-app chat

–              Share documents

–              Instant collaboration

–              iOS and Android apps

–              video conferencing 

–              classroom setting and recreation

Sococo simplifies remote work. Their pricing is also easy to grasp: payment is by the seat.

Sococo clients include FlexJobs, Ultimate Software, and JetBlue who use virtual services in keeping cohesive team dynamism.

3.            Alliance Virtual Offices

81- Alliance virtual office services- quizzes for leaders

The Alliance virtual office services are the best option for inclusivity. They are present worldwide.

The Alliance virtual office dashboard features a comprehensive control for remove services, accounts online, invoice checking, and new location selection.

The Alliance virtual services offer a standard plan that includes:

–              Friendly customer support

–              Premium business address

–              Local or toll-free number

–              Mail handling services

–              Mail forwarding services

–              Private offices

–              Help desks

–              Live receptionist

–              Over 1,000 locations in over 40 countries

–              Low-risk pricing

The prices for the Alliance virtual office services differ with locations. Starting with $49/month has phenomenal features.



Trustpilot reviews give a 4.7/5 star rating from 600 professional clients. It is an excellent and convenient service that has affordable pricing.

Virtual office FAQs

1.            What does a virtual office feature?

Virtual offices empower organizations to have

i.              A physical business address- which helps businesses to appear more prestigious than if they use their local postal or physical addresses (e.g. 3 Some Garage).

ii.             An envelope opening service- for scanning incoming mail and for emailing it to you for administrative action.

iii.            A receptionist- to arrange meetings around your virtual office. It creates a little less virtual feel for clients and colleagues.

iv.           Phone answering services- where you can manage your calls from a real landline number rather than your personal mobile phone. It avails voicemail services, too.

v.            Meeting rooms- where you don’t get a full-time desk physically, but a virtual/online space for meetings.

2.      Is a virtual office worth it?

It depends. Different businesses could adapt to different environments. For instance, if your business is a drop servicing enterprise, a virtual office would be ideal.

Some advantages of virtual office services

i.              Fewer resources are needed- from furniture to electrical components and stationery, virtual offices remove the need for oak and mahogany. A simple desk could do.

ii.             Fewer utility bills- paperless systems, and need less water, electricity, and office supplies, reduce overheads greatly.

iii.            Zero commuting to work- a virtual office is ideally a home setting or in the neighborhood. It cuts traffic hours and expenses by significant percentages

iv.           Work-life balance- more time with family is on. It is possible with virtual and remote work compared to conventional workplaces.

v.            Access to a worldwide source of talent- you can remotely hire from any corner of the world.

Some disadvantages of virtual offices include:

i.              Giving off deceptive appearances

A virtual address could be used to deceive clients into believing that you are a local business in their location while that might not be true. Some potential customers would buy your services based on that location and which ends up as deceptive.

Always disclose the information that you are a virtual office in a virtual location. Insist that you aren’t a physical business, but that the address handles only incoming mail and correspondence.

ii.             Limited room for growth

Physical space helps in visible expansion. Potential clients can quantify expansion.

3.          How to run a virtual office?

87- Best virtual office services in 2021- leadership styles quizzes

The best virtual office services in 2021

Your team leadership style determines a lot about how to run a virtual office. Generally, you’ll:

i.              Develop a system

Set crucial working systems to guide your work ethics. Allow flexibility to allow freedom for your teammates. Define clear workflows, and ensure workers have almost autonomous working environments with few questions.

ii.             Implementing schedules

Consistent meetings and work schedule reviews are key in running a virtual office. Give everyone a clear structure of expectations and outcomes. Make video conference calls that ensure everyone knows their roles.

iii.            Clear up communication tools

Remote teams need clear communication channels. Video calls can clarify any uncertainty.


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