The best surge protectors in 2021

77-The best surge protectors in 2021- leadership styles quizzes

Surge protectors function to protect electrical devices from current surges, electrical storms, wiring faults, and issues with electric companies’ mains supply. The best surge protectors feature USB ports, lots of plug outlets, and a host of phone line protection points.

  1. Top choice: APC surge protector

78- APC Surge Protector- leadership quiz
The APC surge protector

The APC surge protector’s surge energy rating is 3020 Joules- keeping all electrical equipment within its protective energy range, thus increasing reliability.

The APC surge protectors feature 11 outlets. Many outlets add the convenience of attaching several devices simultaneously. The first six have big spaces in between them to make it very easy to plug in large transformers, adaptors, and other plugs.

They come with coax protection features, DSL/telephone ports, and ethernet protection.

The APC power extension strip has safety sliding shutters for all the plug outlets. Shutters protect the unit from the accidental entry of liquids like water or moisture, dust, and debris.

The power cables are 8 ft long. Length of power cables helps when your workstation is a distance from the wall socket.

The APC surge protectors rotate 180 degrees with a 90-degree wall plug. The right angle and rotation ability prevent APC power strips from bending unnecessarily and causing damage.

2. The Onsmart USB power surge protector

79-Onsmart USB Protector- leadership quiz

i. Accommodates multiple devices

Don’t search for outlets everywhere in the office or wait for your phone to charge so that you could connect your computer. The Onsmart surge protector has 8 outlets for plugs. It features 2 USB ports, creating a conventional office environment.

ii. Fast charging

The Onsmart power strip features a 2.4A USB power output for max performance and charging. It can connect to any Android and iOS tablets and smartphones with compatibility. The range of compatible devices includes Bluetooth speakers, lamps, and USB fans, too.

iii. Dual safety system

The 15A resettable circuit breaker within the Onsmart surge protector prevents overheating and overcharging. It shuts off power long before the mains circuit breaker trips. The dual safety feature protects from lightning and storm power surge, generator faults, and power network faults.

iv. Easy to use

The Smart power strip’s power cable is 6ft long. The long length is ideal since you won’t have to keep moving desks to be near a power outlet or wall socket. The holes on the back create more convenience as it lets you mount the power strip on walls, workbenches, or office stations.

3. Tower Power Surge Protector

80-Tower Power Strip Surge Protector- leadership styles quizzes


1. Saves space by the vertical design

The Tower power surge protector is designed to stand vertically when in operation. A vertical design saves space. The layer AC sockets line up vertically. This protects the flooring.

Each AC socket in the strip features an independent On-Off switch. There are 6 USB ports. The look adds aesthetic value to the office and the build is strong- with a strong base.

The Tower power surge protector is ideal for use in airports, hospitals, labs, schools, corporate offices, and public office areas.

ii. Separate USB switch control

Smart USB (with a total of 8A) charge technology detects device charge requirements and automatically delivers optimal charging speeds of up to 2.4A per port.

iii. 100-240V input

The wide range of input power (100-240V AC) accommodates voltage levels of various worldwide ranges. 8 AC outlets delivering 10A rated current output eliminates any necessity for multiple chargers.

The surge protection range is up to 3500 Joules for the Tower power surge protector.

8 grounded AC outlets feature surge protection for high-end electronics applications. Grounding protects against voltage fluctuations, spikes, overloads from power line faults, and lightning and storms power surges after outages.

iv. Safety assurance

Tower power protector has impact resistance 70N, has certification by ROHS, CE, ETL, and FCC. There is no over-current, over-heating, and overcharging that it won’t protect from.

How surge protectors work

Surge protectors divert electric current when the voltage and amperage exceeds a pre-set limit.

For optimal safety in the office, and for the durability of your electric devices and appliances, it is essential to use surge protectors as they use a pressure-sensitive valve to correct voltage. The amperage flows normally in the correct voltage.

Whenever a spike occurs, the valve diverts the excess immediately to grounding wires.

Several types of voltage-sensitive valves exist. They include MOVs (metal oxide visitors) and gas discharge arrestors.

What is multi-layered surge protection?

There are three surge protection systems needed for optimal multi-layered surge protection.

i. Whole House Protection (Type 1):

The whole house surge protection system covers between your mains meter and the street’s power lines.

ii. Whole house protection (Type 2):

The second type of whole house surge protection covers between your mains meter box and the breaker box.

iii. Point-of-use (Type 3 surge protection)

The point-of-use surge protector system protects smaller protectors featuring wall sockets for appliances.

Do surge protectors really protect anything?

We measure energy in joules- as surge protectors’ ratings. The more the joules rating for a surge protector the better it is.

Over time, surge protector parts wear down. Whenever there’s depreciation effectiveness fails.

How to avoid electric fire hazards in the office

As a rule, never plug in high consumption appliances like space heaters, microwaves, fridges, or toaster ovens into extension cords. Plug them directly from the wall sockets.

Stop using any extension cords that feel hot when in use. It is an overload indicator. They could cause a fire.

Do not connect numerous extension cords. Avoid using indoor power strips for outdoor purposes.

How long do surge protectors work?

The durability of your surge protector depends on the quality, usage, and consistency of your power lines. Most manufacturers give an average lifespan of 3 – 5 years.

Power lines that have frequent blackouts, storm outages, and faulty power surges reduce surge protectors’ lifespans. Consider two-year span replacements.

What happens when a surge protector trips?

If the spike or electric surge is high enough, it inflicts heavy damage on an appliance or electric device.

The surge exerts an overload of voltage and amperage, much the same way as too much pressure in a hose pipe.

Final thoughts

Surge protectors are important in the safe use of electric appliances. Due to depreciation after much use, the replacement of your surge protector is a huge step towards protection from electric fire hazards.


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