The Best Interactive Whiteboards in 2021

76- best Interactive whiteboards in 2021

What are interactive whiteboards?

Whiteboards and interactive TVs essentially screens using interactive technology to navigate and manipulate training sessions in the workplace, conference meetings, seminars, and strategic meetings.

The market has two varieties:

i. Whiteboards
ii. Large flat-screen TVs

Both varieties adopt touch functionality- with some supporting 16 or more simultaneous touchpoints. Promethean and SMART tech are major market players in the proprietary software industry.
As a workplace trainer, the interactive flat-screen TVs and smart boards allow you the creativity required to deliver polls, quizzes, project progression, interactive problems, and scenarios, among other presentation instruments.

Which interactive whiteboards are the best?


77- Smarttech interactive whiteboards- leadership quizzes

  1. Smart Tech Interactive Whiteboards

SMART Tech’s different models of world-renowned interactive displays do offer powerful touch capabilities affordably. They are durable and are conducive for any training environment- including in the office, in the classroom, or theatre.

They are very easy to install, support, deploy, and maintain. SMART Boards are very solid investments for your business or school.

The pros

  • The device projects over 100-inch images even from 12 inches away
  • Dual touch capabilities
  • The projector integrates a speaker

The cons

  • Expensive models

  1. Global Dream Interactive Whiteboard

This interactive whiteboard provides conference call features- ideal for virtual meetings. You can select pointers, pens, line width, and preferred color.

The vector image format helps with space. The whiteboard avails versatile tools for trainers, easy file export in pdf, PPT, and JPEG formats.

It is Windows and MAC compatible.

The Pros

  • Low power consumption
  • Damage to the surface doesn’t affect the usability
  • Electronic free and low glare surfaces do not affect it

The cons

• Expensive

3. Westinghouse interactive whiteboard

78- Westinghouse interactive whiteboards- leadership styles quizzes
This 84” interactive whiteboard replaces most projection systems. It is easy to use and casts large high-resolution images.

It has an Intel i5 processor, UHDTV, standard 8GB RAM, a hard drive of 500GB SATA, wi-fi, 4 USB slots, Ethernet LAN network port, and basic whiteboard software.

How affordable are interactive smartboards?

There’s a price range of up to $4,000, especially for the newest models. You’ll also need to consider software license fees.

Whiteboard/projector models need bulbs. Due to constant use, they finally have to be replaced. The expense associated is $100 to $300.

A bigger cost is in training trainers to use the technology and helping them train fellow employees to use them. The technology allows for the broadcasting of data, materials, modules, and other training materials to trainees’ devices for better interaction.

Such interaction can be performed live as the training sessions go on.

How compatible are interactive whiteboards with different teaching styles?

If your department involves a lot of consultative training to different trainees, you’ll find interactive whiteboards quite handy. Sending much time in front of audiences needs effective delivery mechanisms for following along.

They are very important also for trainers who put great emphasis on small group collaborations and hands-on activities during training sessions in one-to-one workplace environments.

Could regular TV screens do well too?

Yes, except for the interactive part. When you perform cost/benefit analysis, you’ll quickly find out if your budget allows you to go for the interactivity, or you just need to display information.

One could use digital pointers or handheld wireless computer mice.

Safety handling of projectors and interactive whiteboards

Any electrical equipment needs:

  • Qualified technicians ought to handle all your electrical installations
  • The quality of your electrical products must be of a certified standard.
  • The position of electrical installations is to always near CO2 fire extinguishers.

For the interactive whiteboards:

i. Trunk or conceal all cables. Trainees or other users need not cross over them during movement.

A whiteboard permanently fixed to the wall reduces trailing cable problems.

ii. When moving a mobile interactive whiteboard, ensure to unplug it first and to move it only when it’s safe to do so.

iii. All aisles leading to the interactive whiteboard must be clear of clutter, bags, equipment, and cables.

iv. Trainees should always reach the interactive whiteboard when standing on the floor and not on tables, chairs, or other high surfaces.

v. Draw the blinds to improve visibility of the interactive whiteboard whenever the glare or reflected light on the screen is too much.

For the projector

Note: It is risky to look directly into a projector’s beam for a long continuously. Always consult the manual.

i. Ceiling mounted projectors are safer. Why? Because it’s usually beyond reach, has no trailing cables o the floor, and the projector’s beam’s dazzle is usually reduced.

ii. The projector bulb grows hot. When in operation, it must never be touched. To change it, the projector must have been turned off for 30 minutes or more. Hold only the housing. Don’t touch the bulb directly.

iii. For maximum bulb life, allow it to cool down ever before the projector’s main supply is switched off.

iv. The Power/Standby mode is the ideal mode whenever the projector is not in use for above 15 minutes.

v. Never block the projector’s ventilation openings as that would cause damage and overheat.

vi. After every 100 lamp hrs, clean the air filter. Regular cleaning prevents overheating.


i. Whenever replacing or cleaning the lamp, unplug the projector first.

ii. Clean smudged or dirty lenses using clean dampened cloth pieces. Never touch the lenses directly.

iii. Refrain from using aerosol cleaners and liquid chemicals. Chemical dusters and polisher cleaners could also adversely affect your projector or cause peeling to its paint.

Other precautionary measures

a. Do not carry a projector on an unstable table, trolley, or stand. It increases the risks of damage, falling off, and injuring someone. Confirm with the manufacturer’s manual the correct trolley to use.

b. Projectors must be moved about carefully. Don’t make sudden stops, or heavy drops, or excessive force.

c. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendation for mounting equipment onto ceilings or high walls, or shelf mounting.

d. Objects could cause damage to your unit if they are pished through the projector’s cabinet slots. They might cause electric shock or a fire outbreak.

Final thoughts

The prices for interactive whiteboards vary but the level of interactivity is what brings differences. Mundane training sessions change with new technology. They have a host of dynamic presentation ability of data- which makes learning easier.




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