Chair Safety in the Workplace: 5 Crucial Tips

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Chair safety in the workplace is crucial for your well-being as you’ll see below. Also, we’ll review the best ergonomic office chairs in 2021 to suggest actual office seat solutions.

Chair Safety in the office

Safety is a critical work-life balance aspect. A recently released Bureau of Labor & Statistics’ workplace design report confirmed that poor workplace designs lead to employee injuries. In the study, over 80,000 administrative workers were shown to have had injuries directly related to chair and general office designs.

What are the effects of poor chair designs in the workplace? The most common physical problems facing workers who use poor chair safety designs in the office include:

  • stress
  • back pains,
  • headaches
  • fatigue,

A good workplace chair design helps avoid physical injury. It also boosts your KPI productivity. These are five crucial tips for chair safety in the workplace.

1.      Avoid wobbly office chairs

Whether cheaper or costing over $1,000, a good workplace chair must not be wobbly. Shaky office chairs- whether ergonomic or plush- increase your risk. Sleek designs could be deceptive if elegance is all you’d consider. Get a solid workplace chair that’s supportive enough support, has a five-legged base,  properly attached wheels, and that wobbles not.

2.      Consider an adjustable workplace chair

Ergonomic workplace chairs come with proper adjustability. Some also have tilt features. You could get good ergonomic workplace chairs for under $300. 

Ergonomic office chairs also come with tension control to compensate different users’ body masses (weight). Adjustability is invaluable and a critical office chair safety feature.

3.      Your office’s floor surface matters

When ordering for workplace chairs, consider your office floor. Most workplace chairs come with wheels ideal for carpeted floors. Smooth carpeting and tiled floors can be particularly risk.

4.      Do not abuse your workplace chair

Swinging, bouncing on, and distance rolling on your office chair are forms of mishandling an office chair. It could look like fun but it’s not because it could potentially cause injuries.

5.      Read the manufacturer’s manual

When you purchase workplace chairs – especially online- you need to assemble the parts. Reading the manual is never fashionable to many. However, it is best practice if you’re careful about chair safety in the office.

Do not be reckless when assembling. Tighten every nut properly. Fix every part as per the manual. Poor assembly is highly risky and could cause injuries.

What is the proper way to set an office chair?

Setting up your office chair to avoid workplace injuries is crucial. Take time and adjust your seat to best suit your body and your occupation.

Quality workplace seats let you customize the recline, depth, height, and armrests, to your most comfortable position. These adjustments are not always so obvious for optimal ergonomics and comfort.

Your instructions manual or an online resource for your type of office chair is important. Consult it, assemble and adjust the chair.

The best ergonomic office chairs in 2021- Our 5 choice reviews

  1. The Herman Miller Aeron task chair
  2. The Steelcase Gesture chair
  3. The Humanscale Freedom office chair
  4. The Duramont Ergonomic office chair
  5. The Noblewell Ergonomic office chair

i.                    The Herman Aeron Task Chair

The Herman Aeron Task Chair is a Grade-A office chair available in today’s market. It’s a top recommendation long hour sitting in the office.

The design

Its chief characteristic is back relaxation- a quality of world-class ergonomic testing. Its design provides durability and comfort.

It comes with adjustable armrests and various sizes. The casters allow the user to enjoy free movement. Its tilt locks for the rear, lumbar, and forward adjustments provide optimal ergonomic sitting posture.

It is highly customizable for tension control, too.

The Pros

– Top ergonomic office chair design for the lower back

– Made of top-grade materials

– Highly customizable settings

– Allows for air circulation via the mesh design

The cons

– It is expensive.

– It’s hard to assemble

Steelcase is another world-class furniture brand. The Steelcase Gesture office chair is a unique combination of high-quality materials for a wonderful user experience.

It has adjustable knobs for lumbar, rear, and forward adjustments. It allows for multiple postures for any work environment.

It is also an eco-design seat whose 25% of material making it is recycled content.

The Pros

  • Very comfortable – suiting any work environment
  • Deep reclining posture
  • Various recline angle settings
  • 360 armrest swivel

The cons

  • The lumbar support part is not adjustable.

iii.                The Humanscale Freedom Office Chair

The Humanscale brand is also a world-class authority brand in furniture. Their ergonomic office chair is self-adjusting with no need for you to fumble with frustrating adjustment knobs or levers. Even the backrest locks at the preferrable recline angle, meaning you won’t be worried about reclining too far back to fall.

The Humanscale freedom ergonomic chair also features a headrest. Their armrest design also removes the hassle because both parts move simultaneously.

The Pros

– Highly convenient in the self-adjustment design

– Easy to adjust

– Features a headrest

– Features a variety of materials (leather, or plain fabric)

The cons

– Very expensive

– Complex assembly

iv.                 Duramont Ergonomic office chair

73-Duramont Executive Ergonomic Office Chair leadership quiz

The Duramont Ergonomic office chair has over 2,300 numerous verified purchase reviews. Its advantages over other seats are evident in its:

The Pros

– Comfort

It has state-of-the-art adjustable features that assure a customizable sitting posture. The head rest’s angle and height are all adjustable as the lumbar part’s height and depth are. The armrest’s height and distance from the seat are also adjustable.

– Air circulation mesh

The mesh is designed to allow for air circulation to keep your back sweat-free. The design, therefore, helps support long working hours without any discomfort.

– Lumbar support

The back support parts are all adjustable from sitting at a straight right angle or reclining backward.

– Easy installation

The assembly of this executive chair takes only eight steps. The instructions are straight forward and simple. Anyone in the office can assemble the seat.

v.                   Noblewell Ergonomic Office chair

71- Noblewell Ergonomic Chair- chair safety in the office- leadership quizzes

The Noblewell Ergonomic office chair holds the #1 new release spot at Amazon. The reasons are:

The Pros

– Affordability

While ergonomic office chairs could be extremely costly, the Noblewell office chair costs less than $150.

– Ergonomic design

The back support takes the human spine model. It helps you combat back pain development or intensification.

– Adjustable features

The cushions, armrests, headrests, and lumbar support parts have adjustable features. They accommodate different body types. The recline angle ranges from 90 – 135 degrees.

– Air circulation

The Noblewell ergonomic chair also features a mesh design. It prevents sweat accumulation. The seat sponge cushion is also breathable and soft. You can work for prolonged hours comfortably.

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