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Your life is only as successful as the vision you have for it. Be visionary! Whether you have goals to make more money, have better health, or ultimately live to benefit humanity, you must be driven by FAITH, not FEAR. Get started with our FREE training and resources. Click the Start button below. This quiz takes only 3 minutes.


How Solid is Your Vision as a Leader? Take this Quiz!

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I’ll change numerous people’s lives in the end.

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When I give instructions, most people end up doing what I didn’t instruct them to, but I always correct those situations later on.

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Do you have a plan for the next 5 to 25 years for your ONE most important life accomplishment?

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Do you have ONE important lifetime accomplishment that should you accomplish it everything else wouldn’t matter?

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I’m experienced in predicting what specific workers will tell me about and I thus offer them solutions even beforehand.

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I rarely lose.

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I can comfortably live to accomplish one big lifetime goal.

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My goals completely change with time depending on changing external factors.

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I verbalize write down, or ponder about things I’m grateful for on a daily basis.

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I have short (1 year or less) and long-term (5-20 yrs or above) goal(s) written down.

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I meditate a lot!

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