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leadership is- transformational leadership- courageous leadership

As you grow in leadership, how could you make a general manager career change at 55? Is it possible? Well, Yes.

And you are in the right place since we’ll show you quality practical steps on how to go about it. You can jump into entrepreneurship as a founder and CEO, for instance.

Straight to the steps

  1. Believe in yourself

This might look pretty obvious but it’s not. One of the recipes of disaster when someone makes such a huge move is to not have enough faith that they could do it. Most battles in life are won or lost in the mind.

  1. Evaluate your reasons

Sometimes we might feel like changing a career purely because of reasons we could avoid. Check your reasons with about two close confidants- and allow them to measure each of your main reasons.

They will likely look at the whole situation from a different angle and from their observations you will be able to deduce strong points why you should change your career or stay.

Do not, however, talk to many people or share this publicly. The opinions of people differ from being on your side for the sake of a relationship to completely opposing and discouraging you for selfish reasons. You can use your wisdom to make a final decision.

  1. Evaluate your choice before changing

leadership is- transformational leadership- courageous leadership

This is very important because you want to ensure that you are not moving from career A to go to B where retirement in that profession is 55 or 60.

Remember that most career paths’ retirement age is 55 to 60 and so you can wait for that period as you work out a plan to cushion your future years. What u mean by that is ensure your choice falls into a category that even at 70 you could still be building your career, not ending it.

Do not fear!

Many people fail to survive in the longevity of life because they retire and find out that there’s nothing left for them to do.

They panic, become lonely, start thinking that they’ve lost it or their lives were not worth it. This leads to ill health conditions and the possible end of living.

Examples of careers that grow even better with age include consulting, and careers that will lead to retirement before you even get enough experience are e.g. most sports.

  1. Prepare to take the change

Here, you might want to find out what requirements are needed to make your career change. At 55, you might want to quit your job first because you might not have enough energy to run two concurrently.

Or your new career might need you to go to some training first if you are changing when you have no experience.

When you consider handing in your resignation letter, think about steps needed to quit your old job, notices to be given, how to write a resignation letter, among other things.

You can get help with most of these on this website.

  1. Once done, don’t look back

Unless everything goes wrong several months down the line, once you leap of faith please do not look back or have regrets. Instead, focus all the energy you can gather on improving your current situation.

Huddles and barriers are inevitable but you must have the resilience needed to fight on. If you can, pray! You must. It really helps. If you cannot, ask someone to do it for you.

The transition takes courageous leadership

There’s that phase of transition between your established leadership career and a position that has been your lifestyle. For example, as a general manager.

There’s also your new entrepreneurship leadership “career” where you’ll be very green. That transition period needs money.

You cannot risk your retirement benefits- at least not in full.  I’ll now give you a backup plan to help you out.

The moment you predict or have a thought that you’d like to change your career, start implementing an almost hands-off business system. To do so, it’d take your experience, intuition, and courageous leadership skills.

What I advocate for are business systems that grow steadily – albeit slowly. Your target would be to replace your full-time job or general manager career and give you a better chance of getting to a new one in entrepreneurship smoothly.

10 most common jobs to target for former general managers

 The career transition journey from general manager journey could begin at a point when you are a:

•             Manager

•             Operations manager

•             Owner

•             Store manager

•             Project manager

•             Vice president

•             Sales representative

•             Assistant operations manager

•             Sales manager

•             Assistant manager

Below are the top 10 common jobs secured by former general managers:

•             Operations director

•             Chief executive officer

•             Executive chef

•             Managing partner

•             Managing director

•             Sales director

•             Principal

•             Business developer

•             President of operations

Employee to entrepreneurship leap

Changing into entrepreneurship form being an employee demands for courage leadership. It is the continued risk-taking character of commitment to a greater, better vision and future that is yet unknown.

Entrepreneurship will challenge your faith when difficulties arise. But your confidence, commitment, and resilience will greatly inspire your followers.

It is normal to doubt at times. Moving forward amidst uncertainties by doing what others wouldn’t dare gives authority to your leadership.

Demonstrating courageous leadership, every team member will emulate you. When everyone readjusts to an entrepreneurial approach into their habits, the entire organization becomes set for success.

Final Thoughts

Making a general manager career change at 55 is possible. Two possibilities emerge. You could go into greater managerial responsibility, or venture into self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship demands courageous leadership. You can only inspire via self-sacrifice, confidence, commitment, resilience, and faith that your vision will prosper.

Continued risk-taking and venturing into an unknown future that guarantees no success will not be for the faint aerated. Owning the business will be step one of showing courage.

Leading the vision into unchartered territory will demand both sheer courage and quality leadership.

By motivating your followers by example, you challenge their habits to align with a new character. The organizational culture ultimately changes and everyone acts and thinks in an entrepreneurial approach.


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