Transformational Leadership: What are the 5 levels of leadership?

You are a leader, whether you are a parent, a classroom teacher, a volunteer coordinator, a softball coach, a departmental head, or all of these. To become ever so more effective, these are the 5 levels of leadership that will help you gauge yourself and shape up to grow to greater heights.

The 5 levels of leadership

  1. Level 1- Position
    When you are in the Position Level, you are at the lowest. The entry-level. No ability is required here. you do not have to apply any effort to achieve. Anyone can fill a position.
    It is not wrong for you to be in a leadership position. But you must never rely on the position to get others following you. The reason is that it works only if you have a paycheck, or job security, that is some leverage of a kind over your followers. At this level, you’ll only get a following because people believe they have to. In the case of leading volunteers, you’ll certainly get into a difficult position since volunteers only follow you if they want to, not if they have to.

As a potential shaped up team leader, the position level is a perfect place to begin. You can invest in your growth, as you grow potential as a future adept leader. Lead yourself first, and start preparing to advance to level 2.

  1. Level 2- Permission
    The Permission Level is relationship-based. Here, you get a following because people want to follow you. They permit you to lead them. Connect with your people if you want to grow at this level. Get to know them in person. Without followers, you cannot lead. Learn to like people and they’ll let you lead them.

If you value relationships that you have, individuals will start experiencing your positive influence in their lives, and warm up to your leadership. Their trust towards you grows. And this leads to respect. The environment grows a lot more in a positive direction. Whether this is at home, at play, on the job, or while you volunteer. You gain respect from every side. In the permission level, you find solid, long term relationships budding, which creates the strong foundation needed for level 3.

  1. Level 3- Production
    Level 3 is where you inspire a GTD (get things done!) attitude in your people. And that is productivity. Getting things done is all that the Production level is all about.
    In your leadership at level 3, you influence and build credibility based on your results. People will give you a following because they want to, and you’ve built solid relationships with them, but above these, they follow you for your results- your track record.

The Production Level is the place for change agents. Work moves, morale gets improved, greater profitability is realized, turnover goes down, and achievement of goals becomes a reality. This brings about even greater production.
People come to you bearing thorny issues and find solutions. You tackle every tough problem. Influencing and leading people becomes a joy to you, and everyone moves together. Your team inevitably rises to greater heights as well.

All 5 Leadership levels are not independent. They grow upon each other. What you gained as experience in the Permission level is needed in Levels 3, 4, and 5. Always add another level’s strategize as you grow. You are going to get the best results in this manner.

  1. Level 4- People Development
    Level 4 could ultimately be summed up as Reproduction. Team leaders at this level point out, invest in and develop a huge number of leaders. They duplicate themselves in potential leaders and allow these new leaders to reciprocate it in return.

As a level 4 leader, your mindset is that more leaders lead to more achievements. You reproduce yourself in the gems that are potential future leaders. Your literary aim to duplicate your great leadership skills in as many new leaders as you can.

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Raising new leaders helps you positively affect the lives of more people. The following that ensues is then characterized by people whose lives you have changed, and they follow you for the way they know you personally. besides, those relationships with your mentees often last for life.

Invest in leaders a priority if you are to grow at level 4, the Reproduction level. Take every intentional step necessary daily to assist them in growth. When you do that consistently, in the long run, you’ll begin to reap Level 5 rewards.

  1. Level 5- Pinnacle
    Though the most challenging level to attain, level 5 is the highest your leadership growth can go. Intentionality here is a priority. You reach here because you took the time to grow on the other levels. You took time to let people permit you to lead them, then you created an investment-based relationship as a mentor, then you became a reproducing leader, and the reward is pinnacle leadership. Continually focus on growing both yourself and those that follow you.
    A pinnacle leader has paid the sizeable cost- but their payoff is equally great. As a level 5 team leader, you’ll develop a level 5 business. You create new opportunities for your colleagues leading with you. You create a legacy. You are followed because of who you are- and what your personal brand represents. Your leadership level is that of renown, it is about reputation.

As a level 5 leader, your reputation transcends your position or organization, and even your industry sometimes.

Final thoughts
Leadership grows. Where you begin is at the entry-level- where you do not have to do much. In level 2, you gain permission from people to lead them by and by. In level 3 you are starting to be identified with results. It is the place of production. You are building long term relationships. You are leading because people want you to lead them. Your track record speaks volumes on your behalf.
Inevitably, you become a level 4 leader. Your priority becomes people’s development. Mentorship flows and you are reproducing new leaders. Your level of influence increases as you change people’s lives and this propels you to level 5- the highest level. The Pinnacle level.

As a pinnacle level leader, you are a team leader of renown. Your reputation even superseded that of your employer organization. Sometimes it is greater than your very industry.
What is your leadership level as of now?

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