good leadership skills

Our leadership skill tests help you to evaluate your own leading skills.

We help you to determine if your vision is solid enough, how inspiring it is, among other aspects.

styles of LEADERSHIP

We help you understand your leadership style via our leadership style quizzes.

Are you an iron-rod leader? Or the leader that lays their life down for their team's sake?

Poor Leadership skills

Are you getting high employee turnover? Does everyone tremble when summoned to your office?

Our management styles quizzes will help you check if the challenge might be bad leadership.


We have solid leadership experience and are continually researching for best leading practices.

We give you fine tuned leadership tips that'll remarkably help develop your leadership skills.


2 Min


10 Min


Our self-evaluation quizzes help you to develop visionary leadership skills and tips. 

They are also short and entertaining to take. Take and retake them for fun!


Our leadership quizzes are short and concise. You’ll always find quizzes for an average of 2 minutes, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes. 

All our leadership tests, quizzes, and assessments are offered for FREE.

Any leader- especially in any workplace- can take our quizzes. We do offer leadership quizzes for students, too.

If you need a printable leadership quiz version, please click here

Yes. Just check the “send results” option at the end of the quiz.

Our Core Statements

During these unprecedented times in the world when pandemics are hitting economies very hard, leadership is needed more than ever before. The right leadership. Visionary leadership. Read more About Us here

Our purpose is to shape up leaders into a higher understanding of themselves as highly potential people who hold the direction for future generations to follow.

Our Vision to shape you up into an awakened and enhanced potential leader that will develop and benefit generations.

Our Mission is to raise independent thinkers that innovatively approach leadership challenges by shining a light into unchartered territories to bring out the best in every follower.

Besides virtues like honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness, we primarily advocate for selflessness and hard work.

These virtues have taught us that once we are selfless and apply synergy everyone wins.

Read more here.

Leader Shape Up sharpens your leadership skills in a unique, fun way- using quizzes and other interesting tools. Contact Us today.

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